Tuesday, August 16, 2011


It's funny how they say that life is like a roller coaster, full of ups and downs and unexpected turns. 


My life, as of late, has definitely felt that way.  Between a trip to visit my soon to be family in New Mexico, job interviews in Ohio, fiance getting ready to move to Ohio to start graduate school for his MFA this week, and the air conditioner going out in my car in the hot, humid, Nashville summer, I'm about ready for the crazy ride to slow down a bit.  But, as my loving friends and family keep reminding me, all of the ups and downs lately are leading to exciting things that are worth celebrating....a wedding, marriage to my best friend, and a new adventure living in Ohio and being close to great friends and my wonderful sister and niece.  (Hey, I'll even be close to Cedar Point where I can enjoy actual roller coasters!)  Even though I have been easily stressed out the past few weeks, I am beyond excited about the things to come.  I hope those closest to me will continue to be patient as I process the changes all around me.  I promise I'll do my part to maintain a positive, joyful attitude.  :)

On another note, each 90-plus degree day has made me more ready than ever for fall.  Especially when I see great recipes like this:


You can be certain that my kitchen will be filled with the delicious sweet smell of these scones in the coming months.  Whether that kitchen will be located in Ohio or Nashville is yet to be determined. :)

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