Friday, May 25, 2012

Meet Jennifer....

i love my husband. he is my best friend.
i love everything about my wedding day, and often find myself looking back through pictures remembering every moment with a smile on my face.
i love dessert.
i love cupcakes. and cupcakes deserve their own mention aside from dessert.
i love to travel. there is no place i do not want to visit. my husband and i talk daily about the places we will go together.
i love my family. and i love the unique relationship I have with each family member.
i am obsessed with my 2 year old niece. she is perfect.
i love cities. big cities. i love the culture and the people. i think i will always need to live in a big city.
i love tights.
i love boots.
i love cute dresses that you can wear with tights and boots.
i love cheese dip. too much.
i love pizza. too much.
i love that my husband and i share our love for making pizza, and dream about the restaurant we hope to open someday.
i really love my winter coat. it's blue. it makes my eyes pop. it's my favorite article of clothing.
i love thinking of all the ways i can decorate my home. and i love being married to an artist who covers my walls with beautiful paintings.
i love wine. and spending time at wineries. 
i love vintage jewelry.
i love thrift stores and consignment stores and antique stores.
i love books. children's books, old books, novels, history books, photography books, all of them.
i love snow.  i think it is beautiful and calming and peaceful.
i love the fall. i love the colors and seeing the beautiful leaves scattered on the ground.
i love spring. there is something incredible about the bright colors on the trees, and seeing pops of white, pink, and purple around every corner.
i love coffee. i am a coffee snob. don't try to fool me with Folgers. i WILL be able to tell the difference.
i love blogs. i spent entirely too much time on them. but i love being inspired by the beauty and creativity of others.
i love my friends. they make my life more complete.
i love wearing flowers in my hair and vintage headbands.
i love crafting. making pinwheels was one of my favorite parts of planning my wedding.
i love photography. all kinds of photography. therefore i also love taking pictures. good thing my husband loves taking pictures as well, or else I might start driving him crazy capturing every moment everywhere we go.
i love laid back evenings cuddled on the couch watching a movie.
i do NOT love windmills. they creep me out.
i love decorating and thinking of new ways to use old things.
i love flea markets and wish i spent more time rummaging through them.
i love picnics in the park.
i love taking walks hand in hand with my husband.
i love water. and boats. and spending time on water in boats.
i love to laugh. and i love when i laugh so hard i can't breathe.
i love cooking and baking and hosting dinner parties.
i love dressing up and hearing my husband say i am beautiful.
i love lounging in pj's with no makeup on and hearing my husband say i am beautiful.
i love dreaming of adventures i hope to have around the world.
i love challenging conversations that help me in my personal and spiritual growth.
i love being so happy and inspired that i want to cry.
i love everything about Christmas and the joy it brings. every year i look forward to decorating the christmas tree with my family.  i cannot wait to decorate our first tree together this year, as husband and wife.
i love that my mom knows me better than i know myself.
i love that my dad is the amazing example of a godly man that i needed to grow in my own walk, and to know what a godly man should look like.
i love that my sister is bright and full of personality, and that our relationship has grown as we have entered into adulthood.
i love that my brother has a contagious personality and that he can make me laugh so hard it hurts.
i love sunsets and taking a moment to simply watch, without uttering a single word.
i love color.
i love paint samples and hope to use them in future art projects.
i love seeing beauty in the simple things around me.
i love being surprised but i am a hard person to surprise because i also love trying to figure out surprises. makes it extra special when i am caught off guard.
i love music. i love the way it expresses emotions and feelings in a way words cannot describe. piano is my favorite.
i love handwritten letters. i wish i was better about writing them.
i love putting together gifts for other people, and looking for ways to surprise them in ways they would never expect.
i love flowers. i would be happy to have fresh flowers in my house every day. they make me smile.
i have a love/hate relationship with my hair.
i love being inspired but hate when i let the inspiration fade before i do anything about it.
I love the journey my life has become and look forward to the path ahead.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Afternoon in the garden

I've always loved plants. I've learned a lot from my mom but also worked at a greenhouse one summer in college and learned a lot. Sometimes after working inside at a desk allll day, I love just digging in the dirt of our flower beds.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Featured on Silver Pencils: DIY Pinwheels!

We are thrilled to be a featured DIY on Silver Pencils today! We want to thank Brandi Reed who is super crafty herself for sharing our pinwheel DIY. 

Pinwheels became a central theme in my wedding....I made them for our cake topper, bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, table numbers, and decor throughout our reception.  They added such a fantastic personal element and were so much fun to make!  Try personalizing your own pinwheels for your upcoming summer barbeques, graduation parties, and celebrations!

Monday, May 21, 2012

New Mexico State of Mind...

This past weekend husband and I had the opportunity to travel to New Mexico to see his sister graduate from high school.  I love these little weekends away, especially when they involve great good, amazing weather, and time with our incredible family.

Date Day! (Top L-R) My Father-in-Law's Vintage Corvette, which we happily drove for a lovely date afternoon...beautiful details from a 200 year old bar we visited.....a moment with my love!

Drinks from a 200 year old bar, full of history and charm. (And an award winning margarita that was, in my opinion, deserving of its accolades!)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Life Lately....

Looking at these little lovelies never gets old...
Secretly healthy chocolate cake with a glass of Pinot Noir.
Special little note from husband found in my lunch...
A little bit of sunshine that husband brought home on a rainy day.
I always thought he was more of a Prince Charming...
Date night!
Puppy sitting for our dog-nephew....loving the cliche in this image.
Putting my wedding shoes to good use.