Friday, May 25, 2012

Meet Jennifer....

i love my husband. he is my best friend.
i love everything about my wedding day, and often find myself looking back through pictures remembering every moment with a smile on my face.
i love dessert.
i love cupcakes. and cupcakes deserve their own mention aside from dessert.
i love to travel. there is no place i do not want to visit. my husband and i talk daily about the places we will go together.
i love my family. and i love the unique relationship I have with each family member.
i am obsessed with my 2 year old niece. she is perfect.
i love cities. big cities. i love the culture and the people. i think i will always need to live in a big city.
i love tights.
i love boots.
i love cute dresses that you can wear with tights and boots.
i love cheese dip. too much.
i love pizza. too much.
i love that my husband and i share our love for making pizza, and dream about the restaurant we hope to open someday.
i really love my winter coat. it's blue. it makes my eyes pop. it's my favorite article of clothing.
i love thinking of all the ways i can decorate my home. and i love being married to an artist who covers my walls with beautiful paintings.
i love wine. and spending time at wineries. 
i love vintage jewelry.
i love thrift stores and consignment stores and antique stores.
i love books. children's books, old books, novels, history books, photography books, all of them.
i love snow.  i think it is beautiful and calming and peaceful.
i love the fall. i love the colors and seeing the beautiful leaves scattered on the ground.
i love spring. there is something incredible about the bright colors on the trees, and seeing pops of white, pink, and purple around every corner.
i love coffee. i am a coffee snob. don't try to fool me with Folgers. i WILL be able to tell the difference.
i love blogs. i spent entirely too much time on them. but i love being inspired by the beauty and creativity of others.
i love my friends. they make my life more complete.
i love wearing flowers in my hair and vintage headbands.
i love crafting. making pinwheels was one of my favorite parts of planning my wedding.
i love photography. all kinds of photography. therefore i also love taking pictures. good thing my husband loves taking pictures as well, or else I might start driving him crazy capturing every moment everywhere we go.
i love laid back evenings cuddled on the couch watching a movie.
i do NOT love windmills. they creep me out.
i love decorating and thinking of new ways to use old things.
i love flea markets and wish i spent more time rummaging through them.
i love picnics in the park.
i love taking walks hand in hand with my husband.
i love water. and boats. and spending time on water in boats.
i love to laugh. and i love when i laugh so hard i can't breathe.
i love cooking and baking and hosting dinner parties.
i love dressing up and hearing my husband say i am beautiful.
i love lounging in pj's with no makeup on and hearing my husband say i am beautiful.
i love dreaming of adventures i hope to have around the world.
i love challenging conversations that help me in my personal and spiritual growth.
i love being so happy and inspired that i want to cry.
i love everything about Christmas and the joy it brings. every year i look forward to decorating the christmas tree with my family.  i cannot wait to decorate our first tree together this year, as husband and wife.
i love that my mom knows me better than i know myself.
i love that my dad is the amazing example of a godly man that i needed to grow in my own walk, and to know what a godly man should look like.
i love that my sister is bright and full of personality, and that our relationship has grown as we have entered into adulthood.
i love that my brother has a contagious personality and that he can make me laugh so hard it hurts.
i love sunsets and taking a moment to simply watch, without uttering a single word.
i love color.
i love paint samples and hope to use them in future art projects.
i love seeing beauty in the simple things around me.
i love being surprised but i am a hard person to surprise because i also love trying to figure out surprises. makes it extra special when i am caught off guard.
i love music. i love the way it expresses emotions and feelings in a way words cannot describe. piano is my favorite.
i love handwritten letters. i wish i was better about writing them.
i love putting together gifts for other people, and looking for ways to surprise them in ways they would never expect.
i love flowers. i would be happy to have fresh flowers in my house every day. they make me smile.
i have a love/hate relationship with my hair.
i love being inspired but hate when i let the inspiration fade before i do anything about it.
I love the journey my life has become and look forward to the path ahead.

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