Monday, October 8, 2012

Lately: Instagram'd

It's funny how easy it is to settle into a mundane routine in life....same cycle day in and day out with the occasional moment of adventure or change.  Lately, husband and I have been trying to make a concentrated effort to re-define our routines.  Since we tend to have sporadic schedules as I work events and he is in graduate school, our weekends together, when we actually both have the days off, tend to consist of the same shopping, cooking together, inexpensive date nights.  And although we love our sweet little life together, we've decided to take hold of our idea of "routine" and change our way of approaching our days, making every moment one filled with joy and celebration.

This past weekend we decided to change our grocery shopping in Northeast Ohio allows us to be exposed to amazing local produce and farms, and to change things up in our lives, and in our ongoing effort to eat healthy and local, we decided to start grocery shopping at a local farmer's market run by the Amish community.  Now, instead of fighting carts down crowded aisles in the store, we can enjoy shopping outside, talking to the farmers who actually grow the produce we are purchasing, and even sip some fresh hot apple cider while we do it.  Funny how a little change in perspective and routine can turn an ordinary duty into a perfect day I will look forward to spending with the one I love most.

(Here are A few snaps from the last few weeks courtesy of instagram...)

Beautiful apple orchard we discovered after our lovely day of shopping at the farmer's market!
Love Him.
This lady took this photo shoot with her dog very seriously...

Most beautiful Dahlia garden I have ever seen!

Best part of fall.

Husband and I re-decorated our guest bedroom with some old window panes he found.

Raspberry hot chocolate. Enough said.
My prince.
My beautiful sister-in-law and I after we picked wildflowers on a trail we found.
Sometimes free flowers are prettier than the ones you spend lots of money on....
Husband has many talents, including making delicious dinners with our fresh produce.

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