Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend: Instagram'd...

It's dangerous to catch the travel bug, the idea bug, and the dreamer bug all at the same time....usually things things space themselves out better.  However, lately I have been living in the perfect storm of these ailments, constantly seeking new creative outlets and trying to turn ideas into reality....

...this weekend was the fulfillment of one of these ideas: a fiesta!  Husband and I love to host dinner parties and theme nights at our house, so when unfortunate circumstances led us to cancel our Cinco de Mayo party in May, we decided that rather than putting the fun idea aside, we'd just postpone!  The result? A fiesta appropriately named "El Nueve de Junio."  Here are a few instagram moments from our night celebrating all things Mexican:

Homemade tequila lime cupcakes.
Preparing our salsa....also....the Mexican flag!
Thanks to my amazing Mother in Law for sending me an authentic Mexican dress from her dance shop!

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