Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend: Instagram'd

This past weekend was filled with a few of my favorite things: flea markets, farmers markets, fresh flowers, pizza, wine, cupcakes, a great deal of inspiration, and time with some of my favorite people.  Looking forward to the days ahead, which will include some exciting new adventures and creative endeavors!

Farmer's Market down the street from our house.
The line for these strawberries was out of control!
Most Delicious Black Raspberries.
Fresh flowers from the Farmer's Market!
Homemade pizza, salad (with homemade dressing courtesy of Husband), and a bottle of wine from our wedding!
Dinner on the porch.
Kool-Aid.  In mason jars.  At a restaurant.
Somehow Kool-Aid at a restaurant tastes better.
Relaxing cocktail on a rainy Sunday.

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